Hiding in the Light by Rifqa Bary

hiding in the lightWhen I first picked up this book, I thought that Rifqa lived overseas.  The way the family dealt with and approached to things seemed something very foreign.  When I realized that this was in America and the things happened on United States soil, it made it that much more real for me.  It was easier to connect and be drawn into the reality of her story. It also made it more shocking.  I thought that living in a different country is how she “risked everything to leave Islam and follow Jesus” but it was here, in America that this happened–and she really did risk everything.

I was raised as a Christian from birth and this story made me re-appreciate the blessing that I have.

This is a page-turning book that people need to read.  Not just as a human interest story.  As a wake-up to God and how amazing He really is.  We just are so saturated in religion and use to our non-threatened way of life that we tend to not value worshiping openly as we do.  I know that I don’t. I often find myself resentful of certain situations, but when I view it through Rifqa’s eyes, I see how deeply privileged I am.

Rifqa writes honestly.  She doesn’t just love God and feel peace the whole time, but she struggles and finds Him over and over.  It will encourage readers because she is real and yet she is unreal because of her total love of God.

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