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What I’ve Learned From Michigan Winter

Hello, my name is Alison and I live in Michigan. I almost hate to admit it because Michigan was not my first choice of places to live and spend my late twenties. Though I complained about living here at first, as I came to accept it, I also came to appreciate the subtle beauty.


I must admit however, winter is tough. Winter’s are like the stormy patches of a relationship: you know you love the person, but you’re not “feeling” it. Any good relationship advice would say that in order to rekindle love you must rediscover your relationship by reinventing the wheel, and looking for the positive.

IMG_2624 I have learned to love where I live by paying attention to detail, appreciating subtleties, and by taking time to explore. Though you may not live in Michigan, I hope you too can challenge yourself to do the same in your relationships or with your winter scenery.

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