Must Love Dogs.

Growing up I never had a pet so as an adult I was not drawn to having a 4 legged member in my family.  My husband on the other hand loves dogs and would talk about getting a dog back in our dating years (about 10 years ago!) and kinda wore me down to the idea of it. Just recently a situation presented itself when a dog near and dear to our hearts needed a home so we welcomed him with open arms into our home. 

I was nervous to start the adventure of being a pet owner, partly because the adventurer in me did not want to have that level of responsibility but also because dogs require lots of responsibility and dedication.  It’s only been 7 weeks since our lil’ guy has been in our lives and let me just tell you he has added so much joy to our lives.  Additionally, he has taught/reminded me about some valuable nuggets that I wanted to share with all of you. 

When you love someone, show it.  By getting freakishly happy when you see them, running around with excitement, hugging them, kissing them non-stop OR any combination of those behaviors. The recipient may not know how to react, but guarantee their heart will smile!

My lil’ guy goes absolutely bonkers when he sees me or my husband after he’s been home alone for more than 10 minutes.  Actually he doesn’t even have to see us but rather hear us coming through the door and he’s already running to see us.  He greets us with the most excited welcome which causes our hearts explode.  How many of us are that excited to see our spouses, children and/or family when they get home? I definitely don’t always run to greet my husband when he get home—something I will change especially now that I have some competition :).  So this week, make an effort to show love to those you love, it will really make their day.  Give them a kiss, hug, jump on their laps or curl up next to them.

Take time for self-care. Tony is constantly taking naps, taking stickers out of his fur, or licking himself clean.  It doesn’t matter the time of the day…if there is something he needs done for him, he will do it! Like abruptly stopping during a run to pick a sticker out of his paw!

For me it is super easy to get consumed by to-do lists, meetings, calendars and just the daily grind that sometimes I forget to take care of myself.  Tony reminds me that giving to yourself is very important.  You may be tempted to think you are being selfish when you make that appointment at the salon, spend the day on a trail, or lock your door for a nap or some R & R, but that is not the case.  When you take care of yourself, you’re better able to take care of others. 

Get excited about the little things in life. Whether it’s going outside for a walk, seeing a familiar face, driving with the wind blowing in your hair or tasting a delicious food item—appreciate the little yet amazing thing 🙂

I can’t even describe how excited T gets when he sees his leash. It’s actually one of the cutest things ever.  On our walks he gets so much satisfaction and pleasure by smelling the flower, grass and pretty much everything haha.  He also gets super excited when he gets a treat or when I sneak him some table food (shh! don’t tell my husband).  He reminds me to get excited about all of the small blessings I experience everyday. So this week stop to smell the flowers, grass, pizza and really anything that crosses your path and get excited about it! 

I realize that learning from a dog can be a bit silly, but think about Adam and Eve…their companions were animals so I guess it’s not that crazy 🙂   I hope that whether you are a pet owner or not, you use the people/pets that God has placed in your life to propel you to be a better person. 

Happy Tuesday!



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