A Land For The Free

Happy Independence Day America! I am so thankful for the freedom that we have to worship God here. It is a true blessing! It makes me think about the sacrifice that others have made to make sure that we have our rights as a people. Lives have been given up for the cause of this freedom. Families have gone through a lot of pain and loss because of it too.

When I think about what Jesus did to bring us not only freedom but mercy, my thoughts are overturned. He was willing to stand alone and be killed by the ones that He was trying to save. He became one of us, lowly and poor, just so that we would understand that He is LOVE. While we went about our lives He was fighting a battle we could not handle alone. He won a war that has yet to be fully understood. The little battles that we face each day, He already redeemed. Our struggles, He understands. Our failures He conquered with His perfect life.

There is a Land that is being prepared for us, where we don’t have to experience loss and pain anymore. I am really excited for the day when Jesus will come in the sky and take us Home. All will be made right and sin will be done away with forevermore. It will be pretty indescribable I think. We just have to wait expectantly, looking for the signs of His coming.

While we do have Heaven and the New Earth to look forward to, I think we often forget the actual gift that God is offering us. We spend all our time wishing for Heaven, when we can experience the blessing of His death right here and now. Inner turmoil, guilt, and burdens of this life have really taken their toll on us as humans. We deal with them like it’s normal and expected, when in reality God is offering to take it. I, personally, have experienced the freedom that comes from giving God my guilt and pain. It is a freedom that I cannot take for granted. Everyday I am amazed that even the smallest piece of sin can be forgiven and forgotten.

I know that one day I will have a mansion on a hill, but it shouldn’t stop me from being a child of the King today! Because of the freedom I have, I can use my talents to their full potential without fear. Depression no longer holds me down and I can see all of the goodness in this life. I no longer have to worry about what people think of me or fulfill expectations that are unrealistic. I just have to look at Jesus and watch Him work in my life. I can fully live!

For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life! – Romans 5:10

Are there things that are tying you down? Is there guilt that just won’t let you alone? Want to experience true joy and confidence? God is ready and willing to give you the greatest gift that was ever given. His life paid for it. Imagine a free gift without fine print. Yup, that is how good God is.


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