When bad things happen, it is so easy to dwell on them and focus on them until I get so down and discouraged that I start to wonder if anything good will ever happen to me again. Dramatic, I know. But it still happens.

In our society, the negative things are brought to our attention way more often than anything positive. And the media harps on every little negative detail until we see them in our sleep. If we hung on to what the media portrays, we could think this world is hopeless and lost and dark.

Or, we can change our perspective. Look for the hope. Look for the bright side. Look for what Jesus has done to bless you and protect you. In the big things and the little things.

Last week, our toilet exploded. The tank cracked from top to bottom and flooded our bathroom while Jordan and I were out on a date. BUT my in-laws were home with the girls, heard it crack, cleaned up the mess before it did any damage AND bought us a new toilet AND installed it!

Two of our stove burners have died. It’s an old stove and needs to be replaced, just one more thing on the list of things that need to be updated in this house. Now we can only cook on two burners at a time. BUT we still have two burners! We can still cook!

We’ve gone on road trips where we had to leave at a certain time, but one thing after another delayed our leaving until we were hours late. BUT we found out later that an accident had happened on the highway, and if we had left when we were supposed to, we could have been caught in the middle of it.

I’ve cleaned our entire living space, spent hours picking up toys and dirty clothes and dishes and vacuuming, only to have my kids follow behind me and pull out every toy I just put away. BUT I have happy kids who enjoy playing together and who have been blessed with an abundance of toys.

Tennessee is under a heat wave, along with much of the country. It reaches 99-100 degrees daily, with humidity. Our A/C has trouble keeping up. BUT we do have A/C, and it keeps us cooler than outside. AND we have a house to shelter us from the heat. We have fresh running water to cool us off. We have electricity to run the A/C and the fridge.

This world is crumbling. There is pain and anger and fear everywhere. The future of our country is uncertain. BUT we have a sure future in Christ. We have the hope of His return to take us away from this place.

Instead of taking part in the cycle of negativity, let’s instead start a cycle of hope. Let’s change our perspective. Let’s shine the Light in the dark world around us, and focus on the good, the right, the true, and the HOPE.


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