Bearing Hope

Hope is a crazy thing.  I have never before dealt with hope the way I have recently.  I have often thought about hope as a beautiful and happy thing.  But what I am experiencing now is that hope is not only this beautiful thing but it is also this hard and painful thing. Hope is what you have while waiting for something, and if you have ever waiting for something very dear and precious you will understand this. 

My friend shared this book Bearing Hope on her Facebook page and just the synopsis grabbed me.  This book was for me.  It was written for me now.  So I bought it.  And read it in two days.  I was famished spiritually for the truths that were in it.

Here is the synopsis:  Longing for a child is like trudging through a desert. It’s a long, hard, lonely journey. The outcome is unclear and hope is often in short supply. But there is great news. You are not alone. And there is hope! This book is your inspirational companion, your “Desert Sherpa,” guiding you through a personal journey of healing. Within these pages you’ll find inspiring quotes and stories of women who have walked where you walk. You’ll find a way to give grace to people who say the wrong things, dump your burden bag, and recognize the hand of God in your story. Liv shares the good, bad, and ugly from her story and faith journey. She offers Biblical encouragement and hope that will quench your thirsty heart like rain in the desert. Whether or not you ever bear a child, you can still bear hope!

I loved that it allowed me to grieve. Sometimes I feel that in Christian books they can sometimes gloss over the pain. And then it shows you how God is near and you are not alone and there is hope. Bearing Hope is a perfect title because you aren’t always bearing a child but the hope for/of a child, and it is painful and hard but God is with us in it.

Liv Ryan is a gem of an author and person.  She agreed to share here about writing Bearing Hope as well as giveaway a SIGNED copy of her book.  I know that this book is going to be a blessing to so many people.


Liv is a Midwest native who lives to inspire women to bear and share hope with the world. She is part-time writer and speaker and a full-time wifey, mommy, and coffee drinker. Hands down her favorite activity is Wednesday night date night, but tickling her three miracle babies is a close second. She heavily relies on her people, the Word, and foodie food to keep her sane. She survived the desert of waiting once upon a thirsty time, and lives to tell you that you will too. She sneaks away to write at

Here are her own words about her book.

Writing this book was a bittersweet adventure. “Bearing Hope” sure wasn’t the book I thought I would write when I quit my job to become a writer, 11 weeks pregnant with our first baby.

But our best laid plans aren’t always the ones God has for us.

My first day as a “stay at home mom/wife/writer” was the day I found out that our baby’s heart was no longer beating.

That was the start of what would be quite a long journey of loss, one that zapped me of any energy for the happy, inspirational things I had once planned to write about. It took over my life. Pregnancy, miscarriage, repeat. It was a pattern my husband and I couldn’t seem to break through. Along the way, we endured a failed adoption.

My goodness, though, you guys. God was doing a work in my heart through the big, fat mess. He was showing me how much I idolized becoming a parent. He was revealing my desperate need for His strength and grace.

He was the water I would have perished without in the desert of waiting.

Along the way, He gave me a dream to create a companion for women going through the same. (Because HOLY MOSES was it lonely. And tiring. And dark. I didn’t have the strength to lift my own head. I needed to borrow some courage and hope.)

It took me three years to complete the book, because way back when, I didn’t have much hope to share. But I’m in a different place now, and not just because I have three beautiful miracles through adoption and a biological miracle.

God has brought me into a spacious place because of His grace, and I dare not take it for granted.

He has charged me to write and speak and gush about his legit, never-gonna-let-you-down hope.

Hear me: I know you feel like tears are your food sometimes. But there is a day coming on which tears will never be able to roll down your beautiful cheeks. When that day comes, you and I will taste lasting fulfillment. And it will be glorious.

But for now, I am honored to bring to you this book that dares you to bear hope, whether or not you ever bear a child. Bearing Hope was brought to you by years of sweat, blood, and tears. And it’s here to be your inspiring, joy-filled, understanding, REAL friend with plenty of hope to share.


There is a GIVEAWAY of an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Bearing Hope. 

Here is how to enter:

Share this blog on social media using #bearinghope AND #establishedingrace (Leave a comment here where you have shared it so we can check it out.)

Each time and place you share it will give you an extra point toward your name to win the autographed copy of Bearing Hope by Liv Ryan! So share and spread the word!

Giveaway will end midnight September 29th and we will randomly choose a winner and contact you as well as post it here.  So don’t forget to check back!

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    Shared on Facebook! Looks like a good book!

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    I just shared it on my Facebook page. Pick me. ?

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    Loved what you shared here on the blog Liv. <3 And thank you Beth-Anne for sharing this! Shared this where I could!

  • Reply Hope Hurts – Established in Grace September 27, 2016 at 7:07 am

    […] I am addicted to this word and the meanings of it.  For all it represents and for how I am hoping onto hope—how I am bearing hope. […]

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    I shared, but I guess I forgot to post. 🙁

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