Sunday Traditions

We have a Sunday tradition in our home. Not every Sunday, but as often as possible. Schedules get in the way sometimes, bills happen, projects around the house have to get done, but we still try to make our tradition happen.

What is our tradition? Dunkin Donuts.

Cora was very excited to get her donut…

So was Emma!

So was Emma!

Sometimes we just get donuts, other times we are able to get a full breakfast, but we try to make it to Dunkins as many Sundays as possible. It has become important family time for us. We’ve been going since Emma was little, when she couldn’t even eat a donut. Now she’s able to tell us, quite matter-of-factly, exactly what donut she wants.

Daddy picked out their donuts...

Daddy picked out their donuts…

Strawberry frosted, with crushed Oreos... Wow...

Strawberry frosted, with crushed Oreos… Wow…

Both girls get sticky and bouncy from the sugar, but these are memories that we can share for a long time. We laugh, we share bites of our different donuts, we make plans for the rest of our day… We all look forward to it all week long.

Do you have any family traditions? Maybe weekly or monthly? Even yearly? How long have you had those traditions? Are they simple or extravagant? Mostly, what is your favorite part of sharing those traditions with your family?

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