Good Medicine

This week has been a doozy for my family. My uncle was visiting my parents and had a heart attack in their living room. My sister is fresh out of CPR training for summer camp, and was able to do CPR on my uncle for 10+ minutes until paramedics arrived and relieved her. My uncle had no pulse for about 12 minutes.

Tuesday evening he was moved out of the ICU and into a regular patient room, he’s been up walking the halls, and it’s likely he will be going home in a day or two. His recovery has been amazing! He still has a long way to go, but we are very thankful that he is alive and getting well!

The day it happened, my Dad texted my brother and I. At the time, Dad didn’t know anything, except that his brother had just collapsed on his living room floor and was on his way to the hospital. Dad was a wreck. As soon as he was able to, he FaceTime-d with us to give us as much of an update as he had. Jordan and our girls and I were in the car about to get breakfast, so my oldest daughter heard the conversation.

As any 4-year-old does, she had questions. We explained that Mommy’s uncle had a sick heart, and he was going to the hospital, and that we needed to pray for him. She accepted this, and we were able to go in for our breakfast.

While we were eating, this wise-beyond-her-years child said something that caught both Jordan and I off guard.

Did you catch that?

“A joyful heart is good medicine! Did you know that?”

This isn’t the first time this girl has surprised me with her wisdom. And what she said was just what my husband and I needed to hear. We were feeling very concerned for my uncle and family, we were distracted from the here-and-now. And then she popped out with that!

Kids tend to bounce all over the place, they never seem to listen when we want them to, and they can make us feel crazy much of the time. But they do listen. They are aware. And they are smart!

Both my girls are very compassionate, and get very concerned whenever someone gets hurt. I hope they never lose that quality.

And I hope they always keep their joyful hearts!

The cover photo for this post was taken by my Dad the day after my uncle’s heart attack. Dad had gone for a hike to help clear his mind, and this was the view he found! Talk about some good medicine! 

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  • Reply Anita Murray October 27, 2016 at 10:03 am

    These difficult life situations always seem to have the power to bring a magnifying glass to what is important, don’t they?
    Also, I pray with you, that your children never loose their compassion for people and that your uncle does well.

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