Beautiful Ruins

Recently my friend Tima  and I were exploring some ruins.  We were marveling and awed by the beauty that they were.  Surrounded by the lush green around them and the history they held, it was captivating.


The ruins weren’t “useful” per say and they weren’t whole, but they held beauty and history all there own.  I think we would have been happy to just stay there the whole time.

I often judge myself by my usefulness.  Can I do such and such well, is this helpful to anyone else.  I evaluate how to spend my time and efforts.  I want to prove my value.  Do you ever find yourself doing this kind of thing?

The world of adoption is messy.  More messy than I ever comprehended in the beginning.  When families look at adoption it really isn’t pretty.  It isn’t a whole child you will adopt.  You will adopt a fragmented and broken child.  But does that make them any less beautiful?


At this ruins we had to be careful of where we stepped to preserve the building and keep ourselves safe as well.  But we loved every second there.

God has adopted each one of us.  We are broken, fragmented, jagged people.  We resist His love, even though He has given everything to prove His love.  We hurl insults back at Him and ignore His expressions of love and patience.  Yet, when God looks at us do you think He views us as ruins without worth?  No, I think He loves us.  I think He sees us as beautiful ruins.  And He dwells with us.  Then suddenly we aren’t just ruins, we are a historical landmark of what was and what will be.

Do you feel like you are just a pile of ruins?  Useless and broken?  That’s not how God sees you.

Are you forging into a journey that looks like ruins?  Whether the broken heart of a child or something else?  God doesn’t see it as beyond repair.

He sees beautiful ruins and He won’t give up on you or what He has called you.



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  • Reply Ted Vanderlaan November 3, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    Thank you, what a beautiful of what we perceive as ruins… it is all about perspective…

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