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The Secret to Strength

This lovely lady, Sarah Frazer, I “met” through adoption. I was drawn to the way she writes about God and adoption, so when I saw she was writing a book I couldn’t wait to have her share with you about it!


Do you want to know the secret to strength? It is found in giving up. That’s right. Give up. Stop striving. Let me get an Amen!? I mean, I am tired. I wake up tired. I count how many POTS of coffee I drink in the day, not the cups. POTS. I drink it all through the morning, at noon, and well into the afternoon. By nine o’clock at night I’m ready for bed, and some TUMS. My poor husband, he probably thinks I run marathons everyday.

And I do. I run upstairs and downstairs. I run to the grocery store, therapy and I run around like a crazy woman in a cleaning manic mode. I deal with fighting, crying, screaming, tantrums, complaining, and the endless questions. My mind, my heart, my emotions, and my physical body are so incredibly exhausted. I feel like a week of sleep wouldn’t even help.

This year was supposed to be a year of running. Instead, I found myself walking. Sometimes just crawling. I wasn’t moving ahead at a runner’s pace. I was frantic, and not going where. I was busy with activity, but not productivity. I felt out of strength and stuck. Like a hamster on its wheel.

One of my favorite verses from this past year was in Psalm 46:10. God gave me this psalm because I thought I need Psalm 46:1 – God is very present help in trouble.

Instead, God is showing me the verse I needed was Psalm 46:10: Be still and know that I am God. “Be still” simply means to stop striving. Stop working so hard, spinning my wheels, and not moving forward. The way to get strength and move ahead is to be still, but also in knowing.

I can only be still if I know God. My brand new Bible study is about The Glorious Ordinary. About finding He is beautiful, faithful, and loving in the everyday. My relationship with God gives me strength. What does Paul say, when he asked God for the ability to overcome?

“My [God’s] grace is sufficient for you, for my [God’s] power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9.

That’s right. Our weaknesses are made PERFECT in God’s power. We can give up trying to muster enough strength. Only when we surrender and submit do we find sufficiency; plenty; enough. Plenty of grace for today. Fullness of strength for us, even today.

The beauty of strength is we only need enough for the moment. God doesn’t give us enough strength to last a lifetime. He gives enough for today. If you are tired today, find some time to let God fill you up. 5 Minutes. 10 Minutes. 15 minutes. If you have 30 minutes to read and study and pray God’s word, it will make a difference. I can attest to what an amazing strength it will bring to you!

Fatigue is a real enemy when it comes to women. Weariness fights us hard and fast. Let’s fight back with truth. God is enough. You might not feel like you have the secret, but you do.

What choice can you make today to fight fatigue?

Do you need to speak truth to your heart?

Do you need to say no to something in order to find time to rest?

Do you need to just take a nap?

Do you need to go to bed earlier?

Do you need to spend time reading God’s Word?

If you are struggling with how to dig deep into God’s Word, you might want to check out my brand NEW Bible study, coming November 30. Sign up here to receive updates so you don’t miss the exciting extras.

The Glorious Ordinary is a nine-week Bible study designed to lead you into deeper study of God’s Word. No matter if you’ve studied scripture you entire life, or are just starting out, this study is for you. I’ve provided the passages to read, questions to answer, and scripture to memorize.

It is about walking one day at a time. Even though walking is so ordinary, don’t get discouraged. I understand that the deepest part of your heart just wants this hard place to be over. I ask you to walk through whatever circumstance you are facing one day at a time with me. You aren’t alone and you are made to be exceptional, right here.

Sign up here to get updates. Just for giving me your email, I’ll also be sending you lots of free printables to help you in your Bible reading!

Sarah lives her life with an amazing husband and four little ones (one adopted from China). Her inner-planner girl would like to say she’s super efficient and has the house, homeschool, and husband all neatly organized. But she doesn’t. Sarah’s house is run with fuel from coffee and Jesus. She is learning how to find the thrill of walking one day at a time in the messiness of mundane. She invites you to study God’s Word in your ordinary days.
If you are having a hard time starting a Bible study habit, check out Sarah’s 5 Steps for Starting a Bible Study Habit – Today! Found at sarahefrazer.com/audio-course.
Connect with Sarah here: Website / / Facebook / / Instagram / / Pinterest / / Twitter
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