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Christmas Blessings Tree

The first week of November I decided to put up our Christmas tree (minus Christmas decorations).  The time had changed and it got dark so early, that I wanted something happy in the house.  That’s when I decided to do create a Christmas Blessings Tree or Thankful Tree.

I love Pinterest but I’m not super crafty so I am sure many of you could make this prettier, but if you are like me and have too many things going on, then this might be your kind of project.


All you need is:

  • Christmas Tree 🙂
  • String/thread (I chose red)
  • Scissors
  • Index cards
  • Pen

Simple, right?  I use scissors to make a hole in the middle of the long side of a card and loop a short section of thread through and tie it in a knot.  Then each night I write the date and what each member of our family (or if we have visitors we add them too) is thankful for, and I write it down. Then we hang it on the tree.


My son, Edmund, loves to put them on the tree.  Our tree will be covered by the time Christmas is over, and that makes me happy.  He understands what they are and I hope and pray that this will help teach him contentment this holiday season.

This Christmas is the first time I think he really understands the idea of presents.  I personally think it is okay to be excited about presents, but I also want to teach him to be content.  To be thankful for things that God has blessed him with each day.  I believe that by naming our blessings, they will become more concrete in our minds and then we will be able to see all God has given us.

This lesson in contentment isn’t just for my son, it is for our whole family.  We often share what we are thankful for each day, but by writing it down and hanging it on our Christmas Blessings Tree I believe that it becomes more tangible and real.  Plus it is a constant reminder being able to look each day at these little cards on red thread hanging all over the tree.

I hope this idea might be something simple and easy you can do with your family, no matter the age.


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  • Reply Anita Murray December 16, 2016 at 11:18 am

    What a beautiful idea!

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