Earth Psalms: Reflections on How God Speaks Through Nature by Francine Rivers

This is a beautiful book.  I have always enjoyed Francine Rivers as a fictional writer and to have her write this devotional focused on God’s “second book”: nature is very special.  There are 52 sections, one for each week of the year.  Each week is focused on a different aspect of creation.  At the end of each reading, there is a “Reflect”, “Apply”, and “Connect With God” section that you can do alone, journal, or use in a discussion.  The Bible verses that she has chosen to go with each chapter you could memorize or put somewhere in your home where you can see it throughout the week.

I read this with my family, which includes my two-year-old.  He sat on my lap and listened and looked at the pictures, which are bright and engaging.  I love that these are short enough to do with my young family and yet deep enough that it causes me to pause and look at creation differently.

One week it talked about the stenocara beetles and how they use the way God made them to collect fog droplets on their back and then tip it forward into their mouths.  Our toddler was fascinated by the beetle and then we took time to look up more pictures and videos to learn more.  I feel these devotionals are jumping points to draw us into nature.  Francine Rivers creates each devotional in such a way that you are interested in nature and how it works to reveal God.

This is a great devotional book and I highly recommend it.

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