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Be Still & Know I Am God

I recently messed up and paid too much on our credit card debt. I realize that usually it is great to pay off debt, including the dreaded credit card. In this case, though, I paid too much. (It brought our account down to the point where we were going to be around $130 short by the end of the month.) Luckily I realized it before the end of the month and Phil and I tried to come up with a plan. We knew we could always ask our parents for help but we really want to avoid doing that. We also needed to pay tithe. If we skipped it, we could easily have the money with enough to buy groceries. But I have never done that and God has always provided for us. As my mom says, “there is always enough” so Phil and I took a chance and trusted in God.

It was pretty scary but we put our tithe in the offering plate that Sabbath. Phil told me later that he also put $6 in the plate, which had been in his wallet for awhile. (Really it was scary for me. I have never been this close to not having enough money. Phil got his MFA making $500 a month… He had been down this road before.) By doing this we knew that God was going to have to supply the rest.

Here is where God worked that next week:

  • My dad was in town and he (praise God) bought us groceries! He also left behind some cash. Between that and some other cash that we had planned on using for something fun, we were able to raise $90 of the $130… Sad that it had to go to this, but we know that we have a lot of fun together as a family, especially when we don’t have a negative bank account…
  • We have a savings account with not a lot of money in it. Luckily, there was a little more than $40 in it so we were able to raise the rest of the $130!
  • My parents didn’t ask us but donated some money to us. (we did not ask them!) While we were able to raise the money for the possible bounced checks, we still needed money for cat food…

God didn’t stop there.

  • I decided to do our taxes earlier than we normally do them. Actually I do them around this time but wait to actually file them because we always owe money… I expected to owe money this year but God continued to bless us by giving us enough money to pay off the rest of our credit card debt.
  • We also know that we are going to have a large expense this summer that we were not looking forward to paying. The week after paying our tithe, Phil found out that the town he works in has as special program that helps pay this large expense. In this case it covers the entire expense.

All of this happened after we paid our tithe. While all of these probably would have still happened if we hadn’t asked God for help, I know that the timing seems more important as these occurred after paying our tithe. We took a leap in asking God for help and He provided. I just read in a Bible study on the book of James by Beth Moore that she has been asked why doesn’t God just provide for our needs without us having to ask Him. She points out that God wants us to ask because He wants a relationship with us where we learn to trust in Him. And I did that week.

Going a step further, when the Egyptians were chasing the Israelites after Pharaoh changed his mind on letting them go, the Israelites cried to Moses. They stated in Exodus 14:12, “Didn’t we say to you in Egypt, ‘Leave us alone; let us serve the Egyptians’? It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert!” Moses spoke to them about being delivered by God and then said in verse 14 “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” They were complaining and God told them to be still. The NKJV says to “hold your peace” in place of be still. Shortly after this the sea was split in two and the Israelites crossed on dry land. This verse really spoke to me because Phil and I had to be still with our money and not try to do it on our own. In doing this, we saw the mighty hand of God provide more abundantly than we needed. My suggestion for you. Just be still and wait for God to fight for you.

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  • Reply Gigi February 21, 2017 at 4:42 pm

    It’s always fun to see how God loves to work in our lives! What’s so surprising is that He always comes up with something we never considered or thought of! ALWAYS! I know God loves to surprise us with his gifts! Love this story and love it that you and Phil trust, no matter what!!!!! And God always gives you just enough!!! Love you four!!!! Gigi

    • Reply Heather Anderson February 27, 2017 at 10:16 am

      Mom, thanks!!! 🙂

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