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5 Packing Tips For That Next Move

Over the past couple of months, Chris and I have been working on buying a house. I might have mentioned that we were moving earlier, but now it is getting pretty real.  With it comes the packing part. Ya… not anyone’s favorite. It can be quite stressful just keeping up with all the paperwork and adjusting to the soon coming change. For the next month Chris will only be home on the weekends so I figured it was a good idea to get ahead on the packing since I would be doing it alone. Plus, I don’t want Chris to have to worry about it on the weekends. He has enough going on as it is.

Since this is our third move in the last 5 years, I thought I would share some things that I learned that can make packing easier. It definitely will take the stress out of moving day for sure! Anything I can do to make our lives a little less crazy. Here goes!

  1. Gather newspapers & boxes that others no longer need. I wanted to save as much money as possible with this move, so I started to save the coupon papers that are dropped at my front door once a week for free. I started doing this several months before we even started house shopping. I saved quite a big pile! You can also collect leftover newspapers from friends, work, or, like us, at our store front church. I saved our boxes from our last move so I didn’t have to gather as many this time, but I suggest finding some at book stores, groceries, and keeping any box you get from a delivery (we are Amazon Prime crazy around here).
  2. Sort through the closets, drawers, and hidden places, first. While we were waiting to see if our offer was going to be accepted and were able to sign on the dotted line, I thought I would move the process forward by going through my stuff that I didn’t want anymore.  At the time, I didn’t know if we would be moving in March so I figured that this had to happen either way. Who wants stuff around that they don’t use anyway?
  3. Pack what you don’t use all the time, second. Once we knew we were definitely moving, I started the process by going through each room and pulling out things that I won’t use in the next month or so. I worked my way from room to room, gathering everything into the least used space, like the dining room. I would set out a marker, tape, newspaper, and boxes before hand. Packing items in a different room seemed to help me. Knowing that the bedroom was empty as much as I wanted it to be made it feel like progress, instead of having it all in there during the frustrating task of packing.
  4. Take breaks in between packing. Maybe you already do this, but I find it hard to keep to this. I want to marathon through anything I set my mind to and it is hard to stop. I have found that taking little breaks in between packing during a particular day, helps. Even going a few days without packing has been helpful. I can focus on other things and get up the energy to pack again. It sometimes gives me inspiration of what to pack next and how. I like to keep similar items together in a box and so I strategize the size of a box and what can go in it. If you like Tetris, just think of packing like a game. Ha!
  5. Pack in advance. The first two steps I have done a month before moving. I can avoid just throwing random stuff in some box on moving day. It also helps me make sure the essentials are properly packed so that I don’t have issues locating them once we move. I will let you know how it goes after we move! It might seem overly zealous, but I like to plan these kinds of things because I don’t like to be overwhelmed. I can get easily anxious, so I get pretty determined in lightening the load of craziness. We also don’t have a ton of stuff because of all of our moves so don’t think I have some super power.

For everyone, it is different. These are just ways that have helped me and so I hope they at least spark ideas that work more with your way of doing things. I just have to say that God has been so good to us over the last few years with all of this moving! We have grown and come so close to God through all the changes. Even if it is hard to move, knowing that God is right there with us, helps.

Have any packing tips that have worked well for you in the past? Please share. And what about getting settled into your new home? Do you have any tips that I can try out in the next month?

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  • Reply Korina Moran February 27, 2017 at 11:06 am

    Awesome advice, Krystal!
    As I read over your suggestions I wondered if I shouldn’t do the first step on a regular basis, (moving or not)! Digging around in a forgotten cabinet or drawer to get rid of stuff that we no longer want or need is such a fulfilling task! Thanks for the inspiration! All the Best to you and Chris as your make your move! We’ll be in touch. XO

    • Reply Krystal Irrgang February 27, 2017 at 8:41 pm

      Yes! The first tip is definitely something that we can always do. Moving just gives us a little more motivation. 🙂 I look forward to seeing you soon!

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